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(zblast screenshot)


zblast is a simple but fairly manic shoot-em-up. There are versions for both svgalib and X.

There's also a cut-down port/rewrite for the Sinclair Spectrum, which fits in 4k. :-) I did that one as an entry for the 2003 Minigame competition.


The current version is 1.3, here as zblast-1.3.tar.gz. It's also available from ibiblio.


Changes in zblast 1.3

Fixed exploitable (to give group-id games) buffer-overrun in hi-score-writing.

Finally gave in and added auto-fire, but only when run with `-autofire', and at the cost of disabling high-score saving. Thanks to Oohara Yuuma for contributing the code, and to "Ariel" for also suggesting auto-fire support.

Fixed brokenness on second repeat of the levels. Thanks to Oohara Yuuma for spotting this.

Changes in zblast 1.2

Fixed some potential buffer overruns.

Now installed setgid games (for both versions), to avoid requiring (yikes) world-writable scores file.

Defaults to 16kHz sound when available, resorting to the old 8kHz otherwise.

Joystick/joypad support. Not that great a way to play it IMHO, but it was fun to gratuitously add support to something after having bought a pad. :-) You can disable this at compile time if need be.

Saner installation, and new uninstall target.

The sound-generating process now exits when the main program quits abnormally, rather than hanging around.

Sound effects made louder.

X version now supports `delete window' message from window manager.

svgalib version converted to use svgalib's raw mode support rather than rawkey.

Made text-drawing slightly more sane.

The `loading music' bit indicates time passing a bit better.

Last updated 2003 Aug 22