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(vmanpg screenshot)


vmanpg is an svgalib-based pager designed for viewing man pages, which shows them in much the same way as `xman' (i.e. in a proportional font, using bold and italic ones to show emphasis). It uses the mono 640x480 mode, and should work on all VGA cards. It supports only a subset of the keys/commands supported by `less', but all the most commonly-used ones are available.


The current version is 1.1, here as vmanpg-1.1.tar.gz. It's also available from Metalab.


Changes in vmanpg 1.1

You can now invert the screen (to get white-on-black) by pressing `i'. The VMANPG environment variable also supports this (letting you alter the default), gaining a slightly more well-defined format in the process. :-)

Added uninstall target to Makefile.

Last updated 2000 Jul 26